What is Test & Trace?

Test & Trace is the United Kingdom’s Government’s response to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19). Test & Trace is used to “ensure that anyone who develops symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) can quickly be tested to find out if they have the virus, and also includes targeted asymptomatic testing of NHS and social care staff and care home residents ” it also “helps trace close recent contacts of anyone who tests positive for coronavirus and, if necessary, notifies them that they must self-isolate at home to help stop the spread of the virus” .

Here at CEL Solicitors, we completely support the Government in their aim of trying to reduce the infection rate of COVID-19. Nevertheless, the Government must ensure that they protect the user’s data rights.

How could my data be breached?

  • Personal data stored being lost or incorrectly used
  • Personal data being sent to the incorrect people
  • Personal data being accessed via a cyber-attack
  • Personal data not being destroyed correctly when no longer required
  • Misuse of your personal data

This list is not exhaustive so if you are unsure whether your case falls into the above, please just give us a call on 0808 273 0900 and one of our experts will be happy to help.

Can you Claim Against Test & Trace?

Any public or private organisations working within the Test & Trace system must ensure that your data rights are protected. There are strict guidelines that must be followed under the GDPR and DPA 2018. If they do not follow the guidelines, they are at risk of breaching your data.

If a breach has occurred, you may be entitled to compensation.

Making a claim for a Data Breach

If you have been a victim of a data breach flowing from Test & Trace, our dedicated team of experts and solicitors are on hand to help you receive your justice today. We are here to explain your legal rights in a jargon free way and we will be on your side throughout your claim. Some of the ways we can help are:

  1. We will investigate your claim in full and provide free initial legal advice. If we believe you have a claim, we will look to bring your claim on a no-win, no-fee agreement.
  2. We will also investigate any data breaches whereby your privacy has been compromised or personal information lost, stolen or misused.
  3. We can help you claim for any stress or inconvenience you may have suffered due to this data breach.
  4. We will seek justice from the Test & Trace and ensure that they take measures to stop this ever happening again or to anyone else.

How much compensation will I get?

As long as you prove that you suffered either financially, emotionally, medically or that your privacy was compromised as a result of the breach you should be eligible for compensation.

Compensation is variable from case to case but it can build to be thousands of pounds depending on how serious the claim is and the damages it resulted in. Compensation is usually between £500 and £25,000 but can be a lot more in very serious cases.

Medical data breaches usual attract high levels of compensation given that they are considered special category data and therefore organizations working within the Test & Trace system must take extra precaution with your data.

Next steps

If you’re still not sure on your next steps, or if you even have a claim, the best thing to do is contact our friendly team for some free, initial advice on 0808 273 0900. We can help you determine your best option and if you do have a claim, get the ball rolling on claiming compensation.