Our legal team has a proven track record of successful data breach cases across various sectors

Why choose CEL Solicitors for your data breach claim?

Data protection law is a very fast-paced, complex and technical area of law and for this reason, we believe it is imperative you instruct a specialist firm, such as CEL Solicitors, to handle your claim.

We have acted for thousands of clients, from private individuals to large companies, who have come to our firm seeking advice on a variety of data protection matters ranging from cyber-attacks to highly sensitive and personal information being disclosed to unauthorised third parties.

As such, this has enabled us to develop a wide range of skills and become leaders in this field as we are able to provide technical and detailed advice to a broad spectrum of clients whilst still ensuring this is delivered in a clear and concise manner.

Further to this, by having dealt with such a diverse range of data protection claims, we are able to accurately value almost every type of case that we are instructed on. In instances where we are unable to do so, to ensure you always receive a first-class service, we will refer the matter to one of the highly experienced and specialist barristers we work closely with for their views on your claim.

Aside from the relationships we have built up with the barristers mentioned above, we also deal with leading experts in cyber-crime and general data protection, who we instruct to provide detailed and forensic advice on complex and technical cases.

We also have an in-house IT development and software engineering department who assist us with technical issues to do with cybersecurity data breaches and a Fraud Scam recovery department who can help recover money or property that has been lost as a result of a data breach.

By having these connections in place, this ensures that if you instruct ourselves you are guaranteed an exceptionally high level of service with regards to all elements of your claim and you can rest assured that you will be receiving first-class advice from a leading firm of solicitors in this field.